Kids & Parents Facilities

For the Parents

Our most recent club redevelopment included the addition of Bundaberg's first 6-star parents' room.

This huge room includes:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Button-push, auto-door access (feel free to use your hip or elbow if you're carrying bug and bag)
  • Private breast-feeding room with recliner chairs
  • Dual concave change bench tops
  • Childrens' mini bathroom and mini toilet
  • Hands-free sensor soap dispensors and faucets for added ease and hygiene
  • Secure, gated toddler play area with LED TV, childrens' movies, toys, and activities, all in direct line of sight with all other parts of the room. 

This is Bundaberg's easiest, most functional, most attractive parents' room.

The Waves Parent's Room   

The Waves Parent's Room