Socio-Economic Contributions

2016/2017 Socio-Economic Contributions 

Proudly, during the 2016/2017 financial year, The Waves Sports Club reinvested a massive $7.6M into the local community, which includes contributions to over 120 local individuals and organisations, plus the support of local businesses through the purchase of goods, services, meat, fruit and vegetables.

The Waves employed 83 local employees who received over $78,000 in training and development and $23,300 on its ongoing staff bursary program. $1.3M was injected straight into the local community, with a total of $744,579 donated in continued support of The Waves 15 affiliated Sub Clubs, plus another $71,238 towards non-affiliated sporting organisations.

With consideration of The Waves’ donations and support, our club was recognised as the Clubs Queensland 2018 ‘Club of the Year’, ‘Best Community Service by a Licensed Club Large’, 'Best Social Club', 'Best Multi-Sports Club', 'Club Director of the Year' and for the 8th consecutive year ‘Best Club Wide Bay’.




2015/2016 Socio-Economic Contributions 

Across The Waves socio-economic fact sheet

During the 2015/16 financial year, The Waves contributed $1.23M to over 150 local individuals, businesses, and organisations. Include local purchasing of goods, services, meat, and fruit and vegetables, and that number exceeded $5.7M.

The Waves also paid over $3.6M in state taxes, spent over $90,000 in the development and training of its people, $30,000 on staff incentives and rewards, $450,000 on non-affiliated sporting and community organisations, and over $730,000 on its 15 affiliated sporting Sub Clubs.

With this level of community contribution and support it is little wonder why The Waves was once again Best Community Organisation in 2017.  




2014/2015 Socio-Economic Contributions 

Across The Waves socio-economic contributions

"Supporting The Waves means not only supporting one club, it means supporting your whole community."




2012/2013 Socio-Economic Contributions

2012/2013 was a tumultuous year for Bundaberg and the surrounding areas, with January 26, 2013, marking the begging of what was to become the worst flood on record for the area, followed by many, many months of cleaning, rebuilding, and resettling homes and emotions for many of the region's people and businesses. To this day, some homes and businesses still aren't back to what they once were. 

Banding with the people of its community, The Waves Sports Club stood firm in its intention to remain one of the largest contributors of support, donations, and contributions to the local community, not only during the devastating floods, but before, and for the entire year to follow.

Across The Waves 12 month community contribution

In total, from period July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013, affiliated sub-clubs benefitted directly from $654,405 in cash donations, allocations and administration, complex, audit fees, and in kind hire and use of facilities. while non-affiliated sporting organisations received $23,505 in cash donations and in kind hire and use of facilities, and finally non-affiliated community organisations benefitted in $497,202 worth of cash donations and hire and use of The Waves' facilities.

For another year The Waves remains to be incredibly proud to be a part of this thriving community and a market leader in support and contributions to that market. This year The Waves showed 116 individuals and organisations support in their endeavours, all of which would have a ripple effect within the general community.

The Waves Sports Club would like to thank its now 38,000 membership base of valued members, as well as its guests. It is their continued support which allows the club to be as successful as it is, and allows for the ever-increasing contributions to be made within its local community.

Thank you.




2011/2012 Socio-Economic Contributions

During the 2011/2012 financial year The Waves Sports Club remained to be one of the leading businesses within Bundaberg and surrounding areas for community contributions

The Waves prides itself on being an integral part of this vibrant community and after 44 years, considers itself to now be as iconic the the Bundaberg region as sugar cane and ginger beer, and as such, recognises great responsibility to the region that has continuously supported and nurtured its long-standing growth and improvement.



"We recognise great responsibility to the region that has continuously supported and nurtured our long-standing growth and improvement."

As a snapshot, last financial year $1.1M was donated directly to the local community in cash, in kind and financial donations, alongside $1.9M in purchases and local business partnerships. The Waves also prides itself in the announcement of welcoming the 16th affiliated Sub Club to its portfolio of community clubs, and in doing so, contributed over $680,000 in donations to the running costs, support, equipment, training and assistance to these clubs.

Non-affiliated community organisations also benefited from The Waves' donations, with over $370,000 directly injected into over 115 organisational and individual beneficiaries throughout the community.

The Waves continues to excel in the provision of a friendly and safe venue to members and guests of all ages. The very constitution of The Waves is detailed around the core operational belief that it be a total entertainment provider for all members of the community.

Over $240,000 worth of free entertainment for all ages was provided in the past financial year, with strong focus on local acts and talent, with promotional offerings also specifically designed to add value to all generations and socio-economic types.


"Supporting The Waves means not only supporting one club, it means supporting your whole community."


2011/2012 has been a strong year for The Waves, with the best still yet to come. We thank you, the member of our community for providing the platform from which that strength stems and in return it is The Waves' promise to continue to give back to the community in every way possible.