Sustainability from Humble Beginnings...

Fur Seal Pup

Hello, firstly, let me introduce myself – I am commonly known as Jude, Judes or Judi. My position here at The Waves is the Chief Financial Officer and this year will mark my eighth year with The Waves Sports Club.  

I guess you could say I am the resident 'Greeny', 'Tree Hugger', or Animal Activist. Although I have always been very attuned to all things nature, my passion initially went into overdrive during the early 70’s (and if you are wondering, I was about 8 years old), when the clubbing of the baby harp seal (more commonly known as the southern fur seal), became highly publicised.  In short, through sheer determination to make a change, I spent countless hours campaigning, rallying, and writing endless letters to the Canadian Government demanding change. 

Eventually, in 1975, through the encouragement of millions of supporters across the globe, the Canadian and Peruvian Governments signed the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species banning the slaughter of these magnificent creatures. 

Since then, my focus has been on all things living, be it plant, human or animal, creating environments where frogs can survive, lady-beetles can thrive, and children can smell flowers and discover microorganisms.

And so you can only imagine my excitement when the Management Committee signed off on The Waves Environmental Sustainability Policy late last year.  Armed with a pledge which can be read on our sustainability web page The Waves has made a commitment to proactively become more environmentally aware and responsible in its business practices wherever achievable.

The initial step has been completed - gathering a team of dedicated like-minded warriors who have been given the mammoth task of brain-storming and implementing ideas, educating fellow-staff members and becoming role models within the industry.

I am hoping this journey will be both personally and financial rewarding, not only for the club, but to all those involved, and that as we progress, we take the tools and knowledge home with us and start to include them in our every-day lives to hopefully make even the slightest improvement towards our environment. It's also my hope that through this initiative we educate our children so they too can educate their children. I don’t think for one minute this is going to be an easy task, or that The Waves will ever be fully sustainable, but at some stage we must stop sticking our heads in the sand, and for The Waves, I'm proud to say that time is now!

Please follow our journey.

- Judi