Fishing Sub Club

The Waves Fishing Club is a sporting club inclusive of competition days, events, and holds an annual fishing classic and an annual awards ceremony. The club was established in 1992 with the intention to bring fishing enthusiasts and their families together to enjoy social and competitive fishing, camping, BBQ’s and an array of outdoor activities.

This not-for-profit club currently consists of 106 active members including men, women, and children of all ages through men’s, lady’s, junior’s, senior’s, nipper’s and veteran’s activity fishing gatherings and events.

Visitors are welcome, with fortnightly fishing locations and times printed in NewsMail or available via contacting the club itself. Each fishing day comes a small cost of $1 per adult and .50c per child, with three free visits permitted before a $20 annual membership fee is required.  

The Waves Fishing Club prides itself on providing a friendly, fun and social sporting environment for the whole family, with competition fishing and kids fishing included.


Contact Information: The Waves Fishing Club Inc.

President: Steve Franchetto - 0429 628 778

Vice President: Glenn Plath

Secretary: Warren Hitzke - 0437 239 688

Treasurer: Steve Lee

Captain: Saxon Goodchild

Vice Captain: Jordan Pratt

Competition Secretary: Leanne Franchetto

Publicity Officer: John Howell

Committee Member: John Hitzke

Committee Member: Brian Jacobsen

Committee Member: Sean Brown


Postal Address: PO Box 862, BUNDABERG  QLD  4670

Facebook: The Waves Fishing Club